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3 LinkedIn Groups Every Loss Prevention Professional Should Join

By Robin van Stenis

July 22 2015

Some social media networks are better than others — depending on what you are using them for and what your profession is. While consumer-focused retail businesses generally use Facebook and Pinterest to market their products, LinkedIn is a social media platform that is specifically targeted at professionals. It allows them to network, exchange ideas and establish themselves as thought leaders.

While it is useful for a wide range of professions, LinkedIn can be valuable for loss prevention managers as well as executives in the retail industry.

In order to get the most benefit from the platform, members should maintain a professional, up-to-date personal profile – but that it is not enough. Actively participating in LinkedIn groups enables experts to stay up-to-date with the current news and developments in the industry as well as exchange best practices and learn from other thought leaders in the loss prevention field.

Here are the three largest LinkedIn groups you should join and actively participate in:

NRF Retail Loss Prevention Professionals

About: The National Retail Federation has created this group to provide a forum for LP professionals to discuss emerging industry trends and important issues and network with each other. All posted discussions that are not relevant to retail loss prevention will be deleted. Additionally, members who use the discussion board for the purposes of marketing or blatantly endorsing their company or products will be removed from the group.

Discussions & activity level in the group: There were over 20 posts within the past week in this group. While engagement on each post is low, there is some activity. Most posts are topic related and the group contains a lot less promotional posts than other LinkedIn groups.

The Loss Prevention Network | McAfee Institute

About: This is a group for Retail Loss Prevention and Asset Protection professionals with profiles on LinkedIn to network with other LP professionals, make new contacts and share expertise. Membership is open to Loss Prevention, Asset Protection, Retail and Law Enforcement professionals and is owned and operated by the McAfee Institute.

Discussions & activity level in the group: This group allows members to post jobs as well as promotional content besides the regular discussions. Since this group and the NRF group share very active members, there is some cross-posting across the different groups. This group sees less activity than the previous one — but the rate of engagement is more per post. 

The Loss Prevention Foundation

About: This LinkedIn group is managed by the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) – an international leader in educating and certifying retail loss prevention and asset protection professionals. This LinkedIn Group is a venue to help the LP Foundation students, members, and credential holders educate themselves; and network on personal and professional developmental topics.


If you have not yet joined these groups, apply to join them today. Once your request is approved by the group manager, have a look around. Make a point to read and comment on posts your peers have written. Like them to show your support. Ask questions and give advice. You will see, it is not only interesting but also grows your awareness of the latest trends as well as your personal “brand” as a loss prevention manager.

Robin van Stenis - Global Marketing Director
Global Marketing Director
Robin van Stenis

Robin is passionate about inspiring new thinking and creative ways to establish Nedap’s Global leadership position. His international experience contributes to a one-Nedap presence worldwide.