Data Driven Loss Prevention

Yes, You Can Provide Customers Amazing Omnichannel Shopping Without Shrink

How RFID and digital product identification power end-to-end visibility

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• How better data helps you anticipate and stop fraud before it happens

• How RFID helps companies streamline the whole omnichannel shopping process for higher revenue and a better bottom line

• What types of companies are adopting RFID-based solutions, and why?

• RFID-enabled techniques that successful companies are using to streamline and upgrade their customer experiences—while reducing shrink and improving margins

• How the data that RFID systems provide can make restocking faster and easier—and supply chains stronger, more efficient, and more profitable

How to get started

The foremost reason brands implement RFID is to be able to maximize the customer experience by having full stock visibility. Successful RFID projects have one thing in common: the solution is embraced by the users.