ROI Analysis

How to Build a Successful ROI Analysis

By Wouter Ubbels

April 25 2016

It is understandable why CFOs and senior executives in retail frequently demand a positive Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for any internal department before handing over the cash.

With net profit margins already so low, it only takes a few bad investments to put a tremendous amount of financial pressure on an organization.

When retailers feel this type of pressure, many tough decisions have to be made. Typically, these tough decisions involve price increases, staff reductions, a decrease in company benefits, and either a reduction or a complete elimination of profit-sharing or bonus programs, just to name a few.

In an effort to assist Loss Prevention professionals, Nedap Retail, a leading international provider of services and solutions for diverse needs in loss prevention and stock management, has compiled information from some of the most successful Loss Prevention executives regarding how they build successful ROI analyses.

About Nedap Retail

At Nedap Retail, we work around the globe to deliver industry-leading products, services and solutions for our customers’ diverse needs in loss prevention and stock management. Our inventive thinking and collaborative spirit allow us to deliver tailor-made solutions for the fast-paced retail sector.

We simplify retail management while improving your customers’ shopping experience

We simplify retail management while improving your customers’ shopping experience. By taking most recurring tasks off your hands, we create time for you to devote to your customers. And that is what retail is all about. Whether you run a small local store or a large international chain, you will benefit from our broad range of products, ideas and services.

Nedap solutions are built upon more than 40 years of global experience, market expertise and close cooperation with leading retailers. Our worldwide operations are supported by a flexible network of certified partners across the globe. Nedap systems are future-proof (IP-based and RFID-ready), cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Our mission is simply to make sure your customers maintain the best shopping experience whilst we help you protect your profits. Our philosophy: “your store -our store.”

Nedap solutions are built upon more than 40 years of global experience

Nedap was established in 1929 and has been listed on the NYSE Euronext since 1947. Our headquarters are located in Groenlo, the Netherlands. We have subsidiaries in the United States, Belgium, China, France, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain.

Wouter Ubbels - Sales Director Nedap Retail Americas
Sales Director Nedap Retail Americas
Wouter Ubbels

Wouter is passionate in helping clients with their needs. As the Sales Director, Wouter will help his clients find the best loss prevention solution for their needs.